W88 warhead program performs successful tests

An abnormal environment is one that is unexpected, such as an accident. Sandia National Laboratories performed a drop test for the W88 ALT 370 program, designed to replicate a crane accidentally dropping the re-entry body onto a concrete surface. It also will use the information to validate computer models designed to apply the results [...]

REG – Hydrogen Group PLC

Date on which proxy holder will cease to hold voting rights: 13. Number of voting rights proxy holder will cease to hold: 12. functional relationship with the person or legal entity subject to the notification obligation) [...]

Has anyone ever caught you having sex?

. well.. not her anyway.. That one was strange because it was my girlfriend walked in on me and I was doing… Twice, and they both were kinda strange.. The first was when I was still living at home. It got me so angry that I just got up and followed her (naked [...]

Is Addiction Just a Matter of Choice?

It’s our symbol, it’s our excuse,” says Stanton Peele, author of The Diseasing of America. Genetic Destiny? Psychologist Jeff Schaler, author of Addiction Is a Choice, argues that people have more control over their behavior than they think. “Addiction is a behavior and all behaviors are choices,” Schaler says. Now, he’s suing the government to [...]

casino online fun88 cheats players

There were many times I found that they cheating but I had no evidence or the evidences not clear to prove. I knew they would try to find excuses and will never accept that they cheats us-players. Here are pictures I got the day so you could check. OMG..fun88..Actually I was not much surprised about [...]