Obama proposes shifting funds from nuclear nonproliferation to nuclear weapons | The Center for Public Integrity

because our national security depends on it.” But several officials and other sources familiar with the administration’s budget deliberations this year said the DOE nuclear weapons-related cost overruns and the new austerity climate gripping Washington – including the demand under so-called “sequestration” legislation for $54 billion in national security spending cuts each year until 2021 [...]


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W88 warhead program performs successful tests

An abnormal environment is one that is unexpected, such as an accident. Sandia National Laboratories performed a drop test for the W88 ALT 370 program, designed to replicate a crane accidentally dropping the re-entry body onto a concrete surface. It also will use the information to validate computer models designed to apply the results [...]

REG – Hydrogen Group PLC

Date on which proxy holder will cease to hold voting rights: 13. Number of voting rights proxy holder will cease to hold: 12. functional relationship with the person or legal entity subject to the notification obligation) [...]

Has anyone ever caught you having sex?

. well.. not her anyway.. That one was strange because it was my girlfriend walked in on me and I was doing… Twice, and they both were kinda strange.. The first was when I was still living at home. It got me so angry that I just got up and followed her (naked [...]