Italy crisis: Mario Monti appointed new PM-designate

So we will see exactly what that means in terms of when he will go back to the president once he has eliminated those reservations. Most centrists and centre-left parties in the opposition have already pledged their support. Mr Monti is hinting that he wants to restore Italy’s reputation financially to match the size of [...]


On the outside cover it said, “Disclaimer: Do Not Open Unless You’re Me!” Being the curious soul that I am, I opened it despite the disclaimer. As I flipped through the pages, I learned many things about my mom that I didn’t know, like her faith… . Curious Daughter Discovers A Bombshell In Mom’s DiaryDEAR [...]

Philippines steps up search for flood survivors

The Philippine National Red Cross puts the current death toll at 652 with 808 people reported missing. “This thing happened so fast, it was very overwhelming.” The rescue effort, boosted by some 20,000 soldiers, continued through Saturday night but was being hampered by flooded-out roads and downed power lines, officials said. Rescuers are still searching [...]

British Columbia – InfoBarrel

Marine life includes whales, otters, seals and dolphins. Most mountains are very young and rugged. The salmon fishing on the coast is legendary. Other huge areas are only accessible via boat as there are few roads along the central coast. The numerous lakes, rivers and creeks offer varied locations for trout and char fishing. There [...] – Transcripts

We found a whole building full of them. These fire buckets — in the 18th century, fire was an every day part of colonial life. And the thing is you can find these (UNINTELLIGIBLE) in a junk shop for maybe $400 or $500 and people might not know what they are, the tag sale. (CROSSTALK) [...]

Philippines Floods 2011: Mass Burial Organized

The first 50 or so unclaimed bodies were buried in individual tombs at the city cemetery, he said. “We’re using plastic bags, whatever is available,” Cruz said. In nearby Cagayan de Oro city, the situation was more chaotic and people were resisting mass burials, instead demanding that bodies be interned until relatives can claim them. [...]