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A few yards or so off in another direction the 14-year-old Chinese phenomenon Guan Tailing is finishing his first practice round, taking a few tips on how to read the pitch and roll of the 18th green from the old hand Ben Crenshaw. They also cater to all major corporates in Gurgaon with great benefits [...]


Is This How Kylo Ren Got Darth Vader’s Helmet?There are SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, youve been warned. As we now know, however, thats not the case, and Kylo Ren . At the end of Return of the Jedi, when Luke Skywalker burns Darth Vaders body, we presumed that was the last we [...]

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I know that winning powerball jackpot can be very frustrating because the game itself is randomly selected. I don”t want people to keep loosing their money playing this game. The game development has passed through various phases of continuous and gradual changes. Anything involving numbers is mathematics. The unique pieces of memorabilia serve many purposes. [...]


Love and Death in AlaskaIn 2006, Mechele Linehan, a suburban Washington state wife and mother with a Master’s degree, found herself charged in a decade-old Alaska murder case. In the mid-1990s, Mechele was making ends meet as an exotic dancer at “The Great Alaskan Bush Company,” where she not only made lots of money, but

Betting with bitcoin: Site lets Americans gamble on elections, sports with online-only currency

Too speculative for us, CFTC spokesman Steven Adamske told FoxNews.com. Meanwhile, three thousand people on Predictious.com are using bitcoins to bet on everything from politics to entertainment. It has no physical form in paper or coin; instead computers mine bitcoins by generating new ones at specific durations and depositing them into virtual bank accounts. While [...]

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Fuse accommodates the diverse tastes and choices of the audience from the age group of 12 to 34 year old with refreshing music programs on-air, on-demand and by virtue of mobile technology. Bet always presents original programs, along with comic shows, college sports and various other shows. Become a Deal Flicks member and you can [...]

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The sponsors write the prospective member’s name in a book and collect about 35 signatures of support for the applicant. White’s was one of a number of chocolate houses that eventually became a gentlemen’s club. White’s has long been considered a Tory club. At this time, chocolate was a rare luxury that only the wealthy [...]